Prices for a portrait session range depending on the type of session and include both digital files and prints. Please contact me for complete pricing info.  All sessions require a deposit and contract to hold the session date.


All sessions except for newborn to 2 years of age are done on location. Clients may choose a location, I can choose a location, or we can choose one together. Location is an important factor in getting the result you are hoping for from your portraits. I encourage clients to consider how a location fits in with their personality, their outfit choices and ultimately their home, as this is where the images will be on display.

What to Wear

What you wear to a photo shoot can really set the tone for the entire look and feel of the shoot. Clients often ask me what they should wear, so I thought I would share a few tips to help you look your best.

Step 1: Start with one person and build from there. It’s not always necessary to go out and buy new outfits for everyone. Often you can make it work with a lot of pieces you already own. I suggest starting by choosing one persons outfit, and then build the rest of the outfits around that. Start by choosing a solid or something with a simple pattern, as anything too busy can distract from the photo.

Step 2: Build other outfits to coordinate NOT match the first person. This doesn’t mean multiple people wearing the same color shirt, pants, etc. Instead choose outfits that go together. Choose similar colors, solids that go with a pattern, or even multiple simple patterns within the same color scheme (this can be really beautiful). Choose two colors and a neutral (black, brown, grey) and stick to that color pallet.

Things to keep in mind:

The location where we will be taking photos. Think about the colors that go well with that setting.

Avoid loud patterns, logos or neon colors.

Accessorize to compliment your outfits, but keep it simple.

Just incase you like visual examples here is a link to some photo samples of what to wear

And examples just for kids


“It’s so incredibly exciting having a baby, but they’re only sweet little newborns for such a short time. So, of course you want to preserve it. I myself am super meticulous on how I like things done. So, I was a little nervous before I went to Harmony for my Newborn session with my new daughter. I already had in my mind EXACTLY how I wanted them to turn out. Plus, I’m naturally a shy person and sharing those first few newborn days with someone is so intimate. Not to mention your still recovering yourself. Once I met Harmony she was so sweet and welcoming it totally eased all my nervousness, and she was so gentle with my little girl. I was in awe of the adorable little poses she put her in. If I myself had tried to do it she would have woken up for sure! Although, there were times that my daughter did wake up needing to eat or take a break, and Harmony was very patient and understanding. She did an amazing job, and the pictures were twice as amazing! They were above and beyond what I was expecting! I’m so happy I went to Harmony and she was able to beautifully capture my daughter just a few days old and all of her adorable squishy cuteness!” – Coryn Melton

“Harmony has done many photos shoots for me!! They have all turned out wonderful even with a halfway awake newborn, or a toddler that wouldn’t stop running!! Harmony is the best with gorgeous pics and such a wonderful person to work with!!”  -Kara

“We couldn’t be happier with Harmony as the photographer for all our family photos. She is easy to work with, has great artistic vision, and her photographs perfectly capture those moments you want to hold onto forever.” -Alia Craven

“Harmony did excellent work for our family! Even though we scheduled short notice, she was gracious enough to work in shots of several family members with our wiggly 2-week-old son. The pictures look amazing and the turnaround time to get the files was quick. Thanks so much for helping us capture moments we will never get to live again.” -Allison Edrington

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