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After being busy busy for the fall season as a Humboldt county newborn photographer, I was so extremely blessed to get 2+ weeks with my family to get away and enjoy some sun and sea. Can I just say, OMG. The water in the Caribbean is unbelievably gorgeous. Turquouise like I have never seen before! We started our trip in Turks and Caicos. We traveled 18 hours and over night with our one year old and three year old boys. While it sounds hellish, it actually wasn’t that bad. The boys slept most the way. We slept not so good, but it was fine. We stayed for the first 8 days at Beaches resort which is like Sandals, but for families. It was so easy and totally set up for kids being around. They had a good sized water park and a kids camp where we could drop the kids off for some adult time (which was a win). It was fun for the kids too, they did fun beach activities, crafts, etc. We didn’t leave the boys much though because we were there to spend time together and wanted to take advantage of that. I brought my big camera and ALL my lenses because I didn’t want to miss out on getting good pics, and the newborn photographer in me had secret (or not so secret) hopes I would somehow find a newborn to photograph on the beach. As I was running back to the room to change Nakoa on the first night there, I noticed some pretty light so I grabbed my camera and snapped these on the lawn. People stopped and were watching, maybe because the weird noises I was making trying to get Koa to look my way and smile or maybe because he’s just so dang cute. I’m going with the latter. Can I also say that the people in Turks and Caicos were so remarkably friendly. Like even more so than people in Humboldt. Everyone stopped and said hi and engaged in genuine conversation. They also had that ‘a community raises a child’ vibe going on. People walked right up to us and played with our kids. They’d even ask if they could hold them or play with them for us while we finished our meal or made a purchase at the store. It wasn’t just on the resort either.

Humboldt children photographyHumboldt newborn photographer
humboldt newborn photography
Humboldt newborn photography

The next 8 days were so relaxing and fun. We played at the watermark, ate, played at the beach, ate, slept and ate some more. Kai loved the water slides, but of course being the daredevil he is he didn’t care about the kiddy park. He had to go on the big slides. He got a little stomach bug so we stayed low key for a day or two and then it was right back to energy as usual.

Humboldt newborn photographerhumboldt children photographerhumboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographerhumboldt child photographerHumboldt family photographerHumboldt children photographerHumboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographer

We didn’t want to stay on the resort the entire time, even though we totally could have, so we rented a car and kind of toured around the island. We found a yummy spot on the beach to have lunch and try conch, and then we checked out some other beaches. I took a few pics, and so did sam. :)
Humboldt family photographerHumboldt family photographer
Humboldt family photographeHumboldt family photographeHumboldt family photographeHumboldt family photographer
And then as the sun was setting I handed my camera off to a guy who said he was a photographer, and he took this awesome family photo (haha!)
Humboldt family photographer
And then as a total stroke of luck, we met a store owner who was friends with the NICU doctor and was able to connect me with a newborn to photograph the day before we left. This is Connor, I believe he was 3 weeks at the time. Perfect little guy <3
humboldt newborn photographer

humboldt newborn photographe
Humboldt newborn photographer
Humboldt newborn photographer
Humboldt newborn photographer
Humboldt newborn photographer
Humboldt newborn photographerHumboldt newborn photographer
We also hit the beach one last time to get some pics of the boys.
Humboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographer

Humboldt child photographer

Humboldt child photographer

Humboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographerHumboldt child photographer
And with my newborn photographer and mommy heart happy, we left Turks and Caicos and headed to the Bahamas. We stayed 3 days at Atlantis, which was pretty cool for Malakai with the aquariums and water park. I was bad though, and didn’t take any pics there. For our final leg (are you still with me?), we headed to the Grand Bahama. We stayed for a week and hit the beaches, rode jet skis, swam with dolphins (didn’t have my camera for that so we bought their cheesy pics of us getting dolphin kisses. You can see iphone pics of the dolphins on instagram. I am harmrose there) and visited a floral garden. Then again my newborn photographer heart swelled when my husband ran into a lady at the store with her beautiful 3 week old baby, Logan, and set me up with yet another beach newborn session.





Humboldt newborn photographer

Humboldt newborn photographer

Humboldt newborn photographer


Humboldt newborn photographer

Humboldt newborn photographer

And the trip ended with possibly one of the prettiest sunsets I had ever seen. It wasn’t a fiery sunset, but was what I call a cotton candy sunset. Pastel purples and pinks in the sky, and the turquoise blue water, so so stunning. We had so much fun and are already dreaming up places to go next year. I vote for Greece, but we will see. :) I will leave you with a little glimpse of the beauty we saw every night.



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Faves of the week | Humboldt County Newborn and Family Photographer

Just a quick blogity blog, to share some of my favorite newborn and family pics of the week. I will try to post ones you may not have seen over on Facebook. I have been working like crazy this month with shoots everyday and tons of editing (till 2am every night), but looking forward to the holidays and a family vacation starting next week! If you know anyone in the Bahamas that just had a baby or is due to have a baby sometime between dec 1-19, send them my way… how amazing would a Bahama newborn session be on the beach?! A girl can dream, can’t she. :) Anyways, here they are some of my faves that didn’t make it on the FB page. I’d love to hear which is your favorite if you feel like sharing. My absolute favorite, as in number one for the week, would have to be that mom and baby shot… but we all know I am a huge sucker for mom shots. <3 Humboldt county family photographer
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So since I am launching a brand new site I am starting over with a brand new blog. And by the way, I am making a commitment to blog here once a week. So hold me to it. :) I don’t want to just show all my recent stuff because, well let’s face it, you’ve probably seen a lot of it over on my FB page. Sooo I decided blogging some then and nows of my clients would be fun! I love these progression shots and it’s actually one of my favorite things about being a newborn and family photographer. I love being there to document those changes from little tiny sleeping human to full of personality toddler, and beyond. This first little doll face first came to me for 6 month pics and we just recently took her two year photos. Her’s are always some of my faves because look at her, she’s gorgeous.
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