About Harmony


Photo credit Amber Ferriman

Ever since I could remember I have loved photographs. When I was little I would dress up my younger siblings, pose them and take (horribly bad) pictures of them. Over time I grew out of that, but not my love for photography. In high school I dabbled in film photography where I first fell in love with black and white images. In college, I was always that person to have pictures of every event posted to Facebook/MySpace before the nights end. But, it was not until I had my first son and got my hands on a digital camera that my love for photography really ignited. Around that same time, I lost my mother suddenly and extremely tragically. Photography quickly became a happy place and an outlet for me. I became so acutely aware, more than ever, that those moments DO NOT last. I just wanted to freeze time and never forget those precious moments of own baby. The more I learned and played the more I wanted to learn, and before I knew it I was in business. Since then, I have not been able to stifle my desire to learn and grow. My ultimate goal is to capture images for people that will last this lifetime and beyond. To freeze
those precious moments in time, because we all know that those moments never last long enough.

I currently live in Fieldbrook, California where I have a small studio set up for newborns and infants. Otherwise, I am an on location photographer serving most of the Humboldt County area. I am a wife and a mother to two amazing sons, Malakai and Nakoa. This is them <3


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